About Us

The EMMAUS-App-Community


We are simply Christians like YOU.
We care about Jesus and His mission.
We want to help people around the world to read and understand the Bible and point them to Jesus. On the go with an app.

Every Christian is a missionary

"You are my witnesses"
Isaiah 44:8

"You will be my witnesses ... to the ends of the earth."
Acts 1:8


Just as Jesus met the EMMAUS disciples, walked with them and inspired them, so we want to point people worldwide to Christ and accompany them in steps of faith so that they, too, become enthusiastic disciples of Jesus.


The idea of the App was originally started 2015 with the intention to reach refugees in their native languages in Germany. However, it quickly became clear that the App is a useful tool for multilingual missions worldwide. It also became apparent that through this platform, we can reach new people groups in many parts of the world.


Mission by App | many Bible courses | integrated Bible | many languages | anonymous or with correspondence | group features | offline capability | web app | 100% free


In the Western world we are "oversaturated" with Bibles, commentaries, etc., but in many countries there are hardly any Bibles available, let alone good Christian literature. However, all this is available for free through the EMMAUS App - even without an Internet connection.

In addition, we are now reaching people in countries that are closed to the Gospel (10/40 window).


Are you planning a mission trip, e.g. with your church? Let the Gospel continue to speak, even when you are back home. Just share the EMMAUS App locally, so the seed of God's Word can grow, even if you are far away.


You, too, can refer to the EMMAUS App, in your environment but also worldwide! You can find ideas and help here:
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Who is behind the EMMAUS-App?

The App team consists of people from various backgrounds and organizations. The team’s shared vision is to motivate people to read the Bible and to support them in doing so. Many of us have already used the Emmaus Bible Courses in paper form.

The App project is led by the German “Zentralafrika-Mission e.V.” (Central Africa Mission). It has its roots in working with Emmaus Bible Courses in Africa and today oversees Emmaus work in many countries around the world. ZAM works with local staff from various churches and denominations. The Emmaus App was developed from this more than 40 years of experience.

The Emmaus paper courses are distributed and corrected worldwide in over 100 languages by volunteer teams. In some countries these teams are organized as an independent national coordination.

The Emmaus Bible Courses are copyrighted by Emmaus Worldwide.

What we believe

The Bible is the focus of the Emmaus App. It is the sole basis for what is taught in the courses in this app.

We believe that God became man in Jesus Christ in order to reconcile us to himself. We believe that Jesus Christ died and rose again for our sins. We believe that every person today can receive forgiveness of sins, eternal life and a relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ. We feel united in faith with all Christians who confess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

We are looking forward to your message!

Do you want to be part of the community, help in any way, give a feedback, or ask a question? – Get in touch!

You can also reach aus by email at info@emmaus.app.

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