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The Bible Courses

Our goal is to awaken interest in the Bible, encourage reading, and contribute to understanding.

You will get to know Jesus Christ, the Gospel, and the Bible, as well as receive help to live as a Christian and grow in faith. In addition, you’ll dive into Bible books and discover treasures in God’s Word.

The Course Structure

Simply intuitive!

1. Course Overview

All courses of one language and their contents are shown.

2. Message

The course lessons are about God's Word, always connected with Bible passages, which can be read directly in the App in context.

3. Test

This is followed by a test of what has been learned, which is structured like a quiz. The test serves to deepen what has been learned or also to question unbiblical views.

4. Online Support

Afterwards you can write questions to a "Bible Course Coach" and receive personal answers.

The App is available in the following languages:

Afrikaans | Arabic | Bengali | Chinese (trad. + simpl.) | German | English | Farsi / Persian | French | Hindi | Ikinyarwanda | Kannada | Kau Bru | Kazakh | Croatian / Bosnian | Malayalam | Marathi | Mongolian | Odia | Polish | Portuguese | Russian | Sinhala | Spanish | Swahili | Tagalog | Tamil | Telugu | Thai | Tigrinya | Ukrainian

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